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    I’m in a yahoo standard 12 team/9 cat H2H league. I was offered:
    Steph/Dwight for Jokic/Conley.

    He’s offered no wiggle-room as far as players in the deal (believe me, I’ve tried…haha). I like Steph, but I think this might be a bit too much. What do you guys think?

    My team is:
    Nikola Jokic
    Jrue Holiday
    Pascal Siakam
    Mike Conley
    Kevin Love
    Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    Caris LeVert
    Fred VanVleet
    Terrence Ross
    Alex Len
    Tristan Thompson
    Taurean Prince
    Rajon Rondo

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    Erik Ong
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    That’s a hard-pass right there. It’s not in the same zip code as reasonable. He might be trolling.

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    Capt. Caineghis
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    So, the default frame of mind in 2-for-2 trades is…you want to be on the side that gets the best player. In this case, that’s obviously Steph, howeverrrrr…Yokic is also a first rounder, and even though he won’t be putting up Steph-like numbers, he’s about as durable as they come. Then when you factor in Conley…he’s an undervalued Point Guard who could put up 2nd or 3rd round value this year. Curry would be great to have, but he’s got the undeniable injury history, and one of his biggest strengths (3-pointers) is one of the easiest to find stats these days. Furthermore, your Bigs are either very injury prone (K-Love) or last round-type players (Len and Thompson). Gaining Dwight is no Bueno. I see him averaging something like 8 and 8 with a block. That’s basically waiver-wire fodder.

    As much as we’d all love to have one of those top 5 players, like Steph, you’d be losing too much here.

    Shoot down this trade as soon as possible to show the other owner that if he wants your guys, he’s going to need to offer a bit more.

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    Tueston Oh
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    no way you should accept this with. The deal actually looks more attractive with just Curry for Jokic and Conley hahahah.

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    Hey guys, thanks a lot.

    Eric – YOu have a point. When I countered, his offers got progressively worse and included Jrue, so he’s definitely a resident of Hard Pass, USA.

    Capt. Caineghis – You’re absolutely right. This is definitely an exception to the “Best Player rule”. I just needed a second opinion because I rarely see Steph in a deal.

    Tueston – That’s cold, man….haha. Dwight’s annual redemption tour is what makes the NBA special.

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    Hard pass here as well 🙂

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