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    LJ roto
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    Hey guys,

    League drafts in a few days and we get one keeper player, I’ve got a few options if anyones got any opinions on the best, I’m all ears. Its a 9 team 9 cat league, my options and what round I can snag them are below:

    Ayton round 4
    Turner round 5
    Wendell carter round 9
    Gallinari round 12

    I was leaning gallo as the easy pick but the big guy stats are tempting so I can just be guard focused early.

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    Dan Besbris
    Rank: Legend

    I think I’d go either Ayton or Myles as the keeper. Gallo could end up hurt for 30 games this year…

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    Rank: Pro

    Being able to get Ayton after pick 36, of any league (even a 9 teamer) seems crazy.

    Even more egregious given it’s a keeper.

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    LJ roto
    Rank: Pro

    I think Ayton is the go to guy then, I’m in an ESPN league & I think that I’ll be able to grab Myles in the 6th/7th anyway (Loving those espn rankings Dan raves about!!)

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