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    Hey guys. Just looking for some rankings here. 12t 9cat

    Thanks as always

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    If these guys were all healthy, I’d go with Brown first, but since we’ve got 3 young players all on lottery teams, any slight injury might result in sat games. Today, I’d rank them:

    PJ Washington
    Bruce Brown

    Tomorrow or if/when it seems Brown is healthy, I’d role with him. PJ and KPJ are kind of similar in their expected scoring inconsistencies. Brown seems to rely a lot less on scoring to contribute across the board with consistency when he’s playing.

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      Thank you sir. All good points

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    Dan Besbris
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    Austin’s got solid analysis. Truth of it all is that it probably won’t make a difference and you’ll want to see if you can catch ’em when they’re hot. Brown is the safest for sure.

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