Kyrie trade?

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    I think I could get Westbrook and Holmes in a trade for Kyrie. 9 cat punting fg% and turnovers. Is that a good deal? Or would I be better off Doing a Kyrie +1 for a ADavis?

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    Dandy Longlegs
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    Go for glory…go get AD, if achievable.

    I wouldn’t do Kyrie for Holmes and Westbrook. Holmes sitting for the next 2-3 weeks minimum. If he stays healthy, Kyrie could be a top 5 per game contributor. Westbrook rests too much for my liking. I’d keep rolling with Kyrie.

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    Santino Caccone
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    If you can get AD, I’d do that, but if not, I would also make this trade.

    Here’s my quick analysis of why I would: If you are high in the standings, then you can wait for Holmes to come back. RW is a stud besides those two stats you’re already punting, and he has been shooting better from the field lately. But yes, Kyrie is back in the lineup, and last night Kyrie had a monster game to ease owners’ minds. Has Kyrie been excellent when he plays this year? Absolutely, he’s a top-10 guy. But he’s missed 26 games already. In fact, Kyrie’s played in under 75% of possible regular-season games in his career. It’s not an aberration of a fluke season either, as 5/9 seasons (including this one) he’s played less than at least 25% of games and another with 19% missed. He’s earned the injury prone label. Add in the fact that 10 days ago there were whispers of him needing season-ending surgery and he couldn’t lift his arm over his head. He is going to try and hold off until the offseason, but how long until the cortisone shot wears off and the pain is back in full force?

    I’d personally rather get another top-25 guy along with the peace of mind while I still can, even if I am losing out on pure upside by a little. You have to make tough decisions sometimes, and in fantasy this year, Kyrie is the epitome of one. If you’re a risk-taker or fighting to make up ground, then, by all means, ride with Kyrie until the wheels fall off. But if you’d rather get rid of the re-aggravation risk while his trade value has soared back up, then pull the trigger because one hard fall and all that newfound value suddenly goes right back in the crapper.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Great notes, Santino!!

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