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    I was offered Kyrie and Blake Griffin
    For my Myles Turner, Zion, Prince and Dunn?
    9cat H2H 14team, he’s in last place.
    Take it and run?

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    I’d take it. You’re getting the best player, and arguably the 2nd best player in Griffin (depending on your team needs). Turner seems off (trying to trade him myself) and because it’s h2h, waiting on Zion longer could hurt. Prince and Dunn are good, but they could also end up on waivers at some point down the road too. I’m curious what others say though too.

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    Dan Besbris
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    It really depends on what we think Zion will be. I hate Blake’s game but Kyrie is easily the best in the group. I think I’m taking the deal but I’d also like an idea of Irving’s return date before I accept

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    Take it!

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    Really hard trade. Griffin’s fantasy game is ugly, Kyrie could be out as long(or even longer) as Zion.
    The main thing I would be considering is to not accept this trade based on the name of Griffin being any good, or that you probably hate Turner right now

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