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    Im in h2h 9 cat 14 team W1 L3

    My team
    Otto potter
    OG anunoby
    D favor
    D wright
    Tomas sato
    Mikal bridges

    Someone offer me leonard for my vucevic
    Should i take the offer?
    Ive been losing,any advice for my team
    Thx for the advice

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    Tough. In a vacuum, yes. Not sure you can lose the big man stats.

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    Myles H.
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    If this knee issue isn’t a reoccurring thing its’ an awesome deal. Also I’d try and make some waiver wire pick ups with Mikal being your first drop if there are any hot waiver wire pick ups available, but I imagine there isn’t much in a 14 team league. Asses your teams 5 strongest categories if Leonard helps those categories more then Vucevic it’s even more reason to accept the trade, If you have a few days for the trade deadline I’d monitor the news on Leonard then decide. Also don’t forget OG anunoby, Porter and Favors have all had injury issues these past couple weeks which would affect your category totals.

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    I would not trade Vuch if it was me. Your team looks solid! A couple of injuries have prob hurt you. Not knowing whats on your wire i would look to upgrade Wright Sato Mikal or stream to win FG FT Boards Blocks Steals Turnovers & punt assists and 3’s.

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    Devin Ellington
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    Not a bad looking team. Vooch is starting to turn it on. Make some waiver adjustments. First things first get rid of Mikal Bridges. Some of the MIN guys could be a nice upgrade. T Graham has been getting good work and now John Layman has a foot issue and Okoge has been battling a knee problem. Look for some deep value with the Spurs or Warriors. You’re just a couple injuries unlucky. Figure out what is going on with Kahwis knee before making a decision.

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