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    Guys, if anybody is interested I’m looking for owners for a 12-team 9-cat redraft league. Snake draft on September 28th at 2 pm cst. Buy-in is $50, paid through leaguesafe, payout will be 1st place – $400, 2nd Place – $150, and 3rd Place – $50. League is on Yahoo with standard settings. If you’re interested shoot me an email at jessesutton333@yahoo.com

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    Dan Besbris
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    Dang. If you had organized this sucker a couple months back I’d be in, but I’m maxed out this year.

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      I thought I was maxed out too, but my ten year old daughter asked if she could help me draft and run a team, and all my teams draft after her bedtime, so here we are🙂. Kind of psyched about her getting into fantasy! Thanks for all you do, I’m an avid listener of the podcast. Good luck this season!

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