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    Matt Matawaran
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    9cat h2h – i give TT / get khris
    obviously these are two wildly different stat sets but long term do we trust TT?
    i have 1 IR spot BUT…i also have myles turner and levert…so i’d be riding slim or a while…cody zeller also on the wire so could replace some of TT’s production there…would really appreciate some thoughts…thanks guys

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    Capt. Caineghis
    Rank: All-Star

    Absolutely! Middleton is proven late early round commodity.

    And yes, depending on your last player or two on your team, Zeller should be owned too.

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    Myles H.
    Rank: Pro

    I 100% agree with Middleton he may get the odd rest day down the stretch when he’s back but TT could get shutdown or put on a minute restrictions when Cleveland goes full tank mode. Middletons fantasy game is much better then TT.

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