Mikaal Bridges, Derrick White or Darius Garland

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      Capt. Caineghis
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      I own White and Garland in a league and Mikaal was dropped. I had ZERO faith in a great season for White prior to drafting, but because of all the apparent hype, I drafted him anyway. Fast-forward to pre-season…he’s not starting as many speculated – he’s coming off the bench for 15-18 minutes. I think he’s my most droppable candidate, but Garland hasn’t impressed either.

      That said, I think Garland probably has the higher upside.

      I really want to pick up Mikaal Bridges but struggling to pull the trigger when we haven’t seen any regular season games yet, however, if I don’t pull the trigger tonight when his waiver period expires, someone will…

      What would you guys do?

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      Remeth Henry
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      Mikaal will get minutes and continue decent value. Garland has upside but unknown and could hurt categories. White should see more than 20 minutes but will be capped at value due to Murray, Forbes and DeRozan in front. Me I would take Bridges over both, but depends on your team whether you take Garland or White.

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      I’d definitely grab Bridges. Probably lose Garland. Rookies are so hard to predict, more so than most players. I almost always steer clear of them. Zion might be an exception……..

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      Dan Besbris
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      I gotta go Mikal

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