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    Alec Dominic
    Rank: Pro

    Well, Conley was a guy that honestly burned me in a lot of my drafts, and even the B150 had him top-25. He’s been insanely disappointing so far this year and I know a lot of other hoopballers are in the same boat.

    What’s the verdict on him? Does he realistically have a shot at being Top-80 down the stretch? Do you guys think he will get any more than 25 minutes a game the RoS? Is he even a buy low, and if so who would be someone you’d actually give up for him? It’s really concerning considering he’s almost a drop right now and was a 3rd round pick almost.

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    Rank: All-Star

    Same boat. I’m holding to see if he’s even inserted back into starting lineup. If not, he’s approaching drop territory.

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    Rank: Pro

    Same boat here. Held on to him for so long. I am going to give it 1 more week and see what happens.

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    Rank: All-Star

    I have him in two leagues and I am giving him two more weeks. If I can add him as a throw in a 2-1 I will do it too after he has couple solid games.

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    Dan Besbris
    Rank: Legend

    Bucketts has the right idea. Give it 2 weeks. If those minutes start to slowly creep up, keep riding. He’s a tough nut to figure out at the moment, but we need to let him try to get right before making a call.

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