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    Thinking of picking him up for my 8-cat roto team. Would you drop Naz Reid and/or Thomas Bryant for him?

    Also, would like anyone’s thoughts on Napier v. Melton.


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    Kyle Grewal
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    8-cat roto team – probably a good idea to grab Millsap! It appears that all that time including the break has done him good, although one bad game and one amazing game so far from him. Considering this is roto, I would probably drop Thomas Bryant for him as Bryant doesn’t love a steal or a trey. Naz Reid is interesting, if he didn’t get in foul trouble the last two he would have been better. I would drop Bryant for him, roll the dice with Naz in the short term.

    I actually like Napier over Melton atm, Napier had a huge last game and the coach might begin starting him. Simply put, Melton is not getting enough burn and his nice games are sandwiched between average games. Go with Napier.

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