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      Hello! I post this for the sole purpose of conversation on what I believe I am doing with my second-round pick in my draft this season!
      I have the 6th selection in a competitive 10 team H2H 11 category league (8cat PLUS, O-rebs, FTM, & FGM).
      I will be taking Dame Lillard at 6 but then I actually realized the right pick at 15 and was curious about everyone’s thoughts.

      It may not look amazing but with a Yahoo ADP of 20.6, I think Andre Drummond would be perfect for me at 15 given the guys there. Guys around that area, Jimmy Butler – Might not even get 70 games out of my 2nd rounder. Devin Booker – Love the idea of a boosted efficiency at the cost of some assists with Rubio in town, but durability still keeps me wondering. Jrue Holiday – Was once a guarantee for me, but the idea of there being “too many mouths to feed” might get the best of his production from week to week and in H2H that worries me. Kemba – knowing my league he actually may not be there at 15, but if he is I could actually be convinced, the only worry is where does he improve with actual talent around him.

      In Charlette last year per game with those categories he finished 23rd while Drummond finished 12th. He did whatever he wanted last year, but now in Boston, I’m okay with that choice.

      Those are most of the guys I was considering prior to taking someone who only “hurts” you in FT% (which I can salvage with it being 60%), but SO much more than the next guy!

      Would love to hear what everyone thinks! Thanks for reading – Keith

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      I love the Dame pick at 6 unless AD, Harden, KAT, Giannis or Curry fall in your lap.
      I think Drummond is a very solid pick at 15. Make sure and grab a guy later that can boost your FT% a bit.
      A couple other guys to think about at 15 just in case Drummond get picked up. Embiid, Porzingis, Lebron, Westbrook
      Good luck!

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      Dan Besbris
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      So, I actually play in a FTM/FGM league (not O-rebs, though), and I’ve found that punting FG% is actually a far easier path than punting FT%. I’d go for as many volume guys as possible early considering they get those 2 extra categories of value.

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      With one of the categories being OREB, Drummond is a beast!!
      I have had him in such leagues, he would make a solid no. 15 pick and pairs well with Dame.
      To echo what Coach said, just keep in mind to grab someone later on to help you salvage your FT%.
      Or, depending on how the next few rounds go, punt FT% and grab Steven Adams in the mid-rounds and you’d be set on REB/OREB, and both providing good STLs out of your C spot.

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      Dan Besbris
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      I think you guys are putting too much stock in Orebs and not enough in the other 2 added categories. FTM and FGM are volume stats. That’s 2 categories you can boost with volume guys. Orebs is only 1 category bonus for bigger dudes. Go volume.

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