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      Is there any dynasty leagues, start-up or needing a fill-in for a team, out there? Not worried about buy-in or format too much, would just love to join a competitive league. Please reply if you know of any, thanks!

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      Dan Besbris
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      Someone in this forum was starting up their own new one. I forget who, and sadly I forget how long ago the thread started, but I think it was within the last month if you want to scroll back through posts.

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      I am starting a 20 team dynasty league! Let me know if anyone is interested.
      – Fantrax League
      – Pay $60 dollars in advance for the first 2 years of the league, and then $30 fee per year after. There will also be a mandatory annual fee for Fantrax premium, which is around $2-4 depending on team quantity.
      – Must have a Discord account to engage in chat and be active!
      – Ideally would love everyone to stay in the league for multiple years.
      – I am looking to get everything setup and start the draft by mid September. Draft is set for Sept 17, but we could start sooner if we fill out the league asap!
      – H2H 9 cat (each cat)
      – 20 teams, 15 player roster, 2 IR, 1 Minor
      – Snake/Reverse Snake draft using Slow draft
      – Dynasty no-salary (everyone keeps their entire roster year to year)

      I am targeting 20 teams for now. If you’d like to join, please drop a message below with your e-mail and I’ll send you a link to the league, our rules and also our discord chat. If you have any questions, join the discord chat and ask there before joining the league.

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      Dan Besbris
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      Someone on twitter just hit me up looking for a dynasty league. Handle was @MightyRubber

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