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    12 team H2H league 9-cat. I’m currently in first place and my team is below. My team ranks through seven weeks are 9th FG%, 1st FT%, 1st 3PTM, 7th REB, 5th AST, 3rd STL, 8th BLK, 4th TO.

    Would you trade my Kawhi Leonard/Mike Conley/Gary Harris to get Anthony Davis/Kyle Kuzma/Lou Williams?

    If you swap the total stats for my guys and his guys so far, my team ranks in each category after the trade would be: 9th FG%, 1st FT%, 2nd 3PTM, 4th REB, 6th AST, 4th STL, 2nd BLK, 7th TO.

    Slight downgrade in 3PTM, STL, TO to get a huge increase in REB, BLK which are two of my worst categories.

    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: Khris Middleton
    G: Gary Harris
    SF: Joe Ingles
    PF: Nikola Mirotic
    F: Kawhi Leonard
    C: Jonas Valanciunas
    C: Brook Lopez
    UTIL: Mike Conley
    UTIL: Jeremy Lamb
    BN: Trevor Ariza
    BN: Marcus Morris
    BN: Damyean Dotson

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    Dan Besbris
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    I think I would – but I would also give my child for AD, so maybe I’m not the best person to answer that.

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