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    For now, Paul George is a keeper in my roster.

    But i have some doubts when i saw news pop up about an injury that would benched him for about a month in some scenario.

    I’am in a H2H league, auction draft, dynasty mode. His cost, if keeper, is 52$ (which is in line with his average cost in Y! auction league: 52$ too).

    I heard Besbris (in Fantasy nba today podcast) said, multiple times, that missed time in H2H league is way more damaging than in roto league.

    So, what is your advice? Keep or not keep?

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    George is a major difference maker. If you think you can get him back at a good discount then I can see taking the risk. He finished #2 overall last season. Tough call but I would stick with him. If he comes back healthy he can win it all for you!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Hey Pierre – I mostly meant guys at the END of the year missing games is killer, since WHEN the games are missed is very important in h2h.

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    Thanks! 😉

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