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    Devin Ellington
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    How much and in what ways do you all think PG13s return will affect guys like Jemychal(sp?) Green, Sweet Lou Williams, M. Harrell, and Mo Harkless

    My guess is Green sees less three attempts.
    I feel Harrel and Lou wont be affected much because they anchor the second unit together mostly.
    And Mo Harkless is already almost a non factor so theres not much that PG13 can do to his lack of value anyway.

    Other guys on the roster that yall think might be affected directly?

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    Capt. Caineghis
    Rank: All-Star

    If PG13 and Kawhi were both playing all the time, I think the only other 12-team guys are Trez and Harrell, with Pat Bev borderline. However, the reality is Kawhi will continue his load management ways and PG will probably follow suit and need rest and maintenance days after the shoulder injuries. They’re going to play the long game and aim for a championship, so I think the more the two of them can afford to rest, the better their aspirations of making that dream a reality.

    Green will probably be okay for 14-16-teamers, but I don’t think he’ll hold standard league value.
    I see less usage for Sweet Lou and Harrell if/when both stars are playing. Harrell’s overall value shouldn’t change a whole lot. Lou could take a decent hit since a lot of his value is dependent on volume scoring.

    And as for Mo Harkless, like you said, he’s basically a non-factor already. If/when both stars play, I wouldn’t be excited about owning him in almost any format.

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    Dan Besbris
    Rank: Legend

    Can’t disagree with you, Cap. Well said!

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    Devin Ellington
    Rank: Pro

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Love the insight.

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    When you guys refer to 12 or 14 or 16 team leagues, are you referring to 13 players per roster?

    I’m in a 10 team, 11 cat league, 13 starter, 6 bench spots league. 190 player pool. Dan’s been telling me to drop Derrick White all year. Not a chance Dan and my FGP is rock solid with Spencer Dinwiddie and I have Kyrie, so stop telling me to drop him too 🙂

    Devin, we also split the rebounds cat up, add ATO and 2’s, 3’s, AST, FGP, FTP, STL, BLK, PTS, Live Auction Draft in Vegas for the last 20 years. Can’t understand why the industry doesn’t move away from TO with ATO.

    Thanks for the work on the Premium side, been using it more this year and have been a member for a few…

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