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    Hi guys, new here and first year playing. Chef rated my roster earlier (thanks Chef!) but now that I’ve been sending out offers I’ve been wrestling with trading Lou Will/Tim Hardaway to compete in FG% vs leaning into them and punting FG%. This also coming off of multiple people turning down Lou Will trades I’ve sent. My roster below, and thanks for your time:

    12 team, 9 cat standard roster:

    Guards: Lowry,
    Lou Williams,
    Eric Bledsoe,
    Josh Richardson,
    Tim Hardaway,
    JJ Barea (streaming)

    Danillo Gallinari,
    Rudy Gay,
    Bogdan Bogdanovic,
    Will Barton (IR)

    Enes Kanter
    Cauley Stein

    For my best cats I’m 6-0 in points, FT%, and assists + very strong in 3PMs and Steals, and then in my worst cats I’m 3-3 in FG%, REBs, Blocks, and TOs, but bottom 3 in totals in all four of those.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I have no issue with punting a category in h2h, but if you’re doing so than Eric Bledsoe’s strong FG% is useless to you, and you should looking at who you can move for equal value to target guys that are more helpful for your build

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    Thanks, I’ve been going in on this and trading bledsoe and have a few offers out there, including a Jaren Jackson one I’m hopeful for. Feel better about what I want to do with my roster in general now!

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    If you’re going to punt FG% then Durant is kind of squandered on your team. I would see if I could trade him straight-up for James Harden; that’s the early-first-round guy you want for that build. Paul George and Rob Covington would be two other early-round guys you should consider targeting in trades. Their value in a FG punt strategy has got to be sky high.

    Marc Gasol too, especially since it’s hard to find otherwise elite centers with low FG%. Maybe you could try trading Kemba for him? It’s hard to punt FG% without also punting blocks, so you need a guy like Gasol if you want to get your blocks while maximizing your punt strategy. Brook Lopez would be another center to look at. Otherwise you’re looking at guys like Covington and John Wall for out-of-position blocks. Kent Bazemore is another guy I’d look at.

    Anyway, I’d make trading for Harden and Gasol my highest priorities, if I were leaning into that build.

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    Erik Ong
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    Punt FG%. It seems to be working for you at this point.

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    Think your team is better punting FG%. I would try trading KD for George + another solid player. Kevin love also someone you can try targeting.

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