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    Hey guys. I’m in a 12 team, standard, H2H, 9 car league. I inadvertently drafted a punt assist team so I’d love to trade Jrue or Booker for a rebounding PG. Which of the two holds better trade value and who should I trade him for? Here’s me team…

    Guards – Jrue. Booker. Forbes. PatBev.
    Bigs – Isaac. AD. Markkanen. Oubre. Hachimura. Tucker. BroLo. WCS. Collins.

    Jrue out rebounded Booker last year and I feel like I’d be selling low on him, while Booker’s value is pretty high at the moment. Thinking about guys like Doncic, Westbrook, Dejounte, etc who are tops in boards. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Definitely don’t trade Jrue.
    Perhaps you can float Booker for Westbrook

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yeah Jrue should be able to rebound a bit himself. Booker is a nice sell guy, though he also does a lot of other stuff besides assists. I guess Westbrook makes sense if all you want is boards, but I’d rather have Booker. Doncic will likely take Booker PLUS someone else quite useful.

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