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    a few players improved their % a lot, do u think they genuinely improved or its just fluke?
    trae young and booker both shooting the lights out while maintaining the volume…ingram FT improved 15%..

    meanwhile quite a number of players on my team r shooting below their career avg(turner, buddy, jrue, tatum, sabonis)..been really patient all season..

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    Dan Besbris
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    Not gonna address them all here but one way to think about it is determining if roles changed a lot and if teammates or other offensive factors changed. I think trae and booker probably come down a hair. Tatum has such a huge volume this year his decrease could be real. Such is the beauty of fantasy and trade-building… guys do have 2-3% fluctuations pretty regularly so keep that in mind but more than that is often more fluke and may still regress yet

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