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    Alec Dominic
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    9Cat H2H, which player ends with higher rank this season?

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    If you’re talking about Josh Richardson, then him definitely… Jabari Parker’s value will take a pretty big hit when Collins comes back.

    Josh Richardson should be a buy-low guy now.

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    Alan Srochi
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    Jabari is going to be relegated to a bench role once Collins returns, and I have my doubts that he’ll see more than 20 minutes a night. He needs a lot more than that to have standard league value.

    Josh Richardson by a mile.

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    Jabari was getting 22+ minutes before Collins was out. I think he gets at least around 25 when he returns. He’s still young and they need some players who can score, especially with all the other injuries on the Hawks right now.

    That said, J-Rich all day.

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