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    Looking for some advice for my upcoming rookie draft, I have picks 4, 6, 7, and 14.

    It’s a 14 team league 10 players scoring 6 reserves 2 injury reserves and 2 minor spots.


    Assists 1.5
    Blocks 3.0
    Field goals missed -0.5
    Free throws misses -0.5
    2 pointers scored 2.0
    3 pointers made 3.0
    Rebounds 1.2
    Steals 3.0
    Turnovers -1.0

    I have players in mind but looking for some valuable opinions from fantasy players. Thanks in advance.

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    Here are my top 15 rated rookies (I adjusted based on your leagues scoring system):
    RJ Barrett
    Coby White
    Darius Garland
    Riu Hachimura
    De’Andre Hunter
    Brandon Clarke
    Nickeil Walker-Alexander
    Jaxon Hayes
    Tyler Herro
    Jarrett Culver
    Goga Bitadze
    Carsen Edwards
    Dylan Windler

    Naz Reid
    Daniel Gafford
    Ignas Brazdeikis

    Several hours of NBA Summer League hopefully pays off!
    Good luck!

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    pick4 – I have pick 4 in Hoop Ball Dynasty League 2 and I’m locked into Darius Garland. Of course if Zion, Ja, or RJ fall to 4 they would be automatic. I think you also have to take a look at Jarrett Culver here too, but I got Garland over Culver.

    pick6/7 – if Hunter is still on the board I think you’d have to grab him. I’d also probably take Jaxson Hayes, specially if you need a big center

    pick14 – I love Brandon Clarke or NAW (N.Alexander-Walker) here. You could also take a look at Tyler Herro

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    Dan Besbris
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    Adrian and Coach are basically our Hoop Ball scouts at this point.

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    Excellent feedback guys much appreciated keep up the good work especially the pods ?

    Side question how would you put a value on players in an auction draft?

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    I love auction drafts! The very first draft I was in was an auction draft. It is completely a different ranking and strategy.
    It’s all about getting value when the other owners fill in positions and your left to get a steal.
    As far as ranking, you have to create a list of targets that you are willing to pay for and then go with the flow from there. It is a whole different world from regular drafts.
    Good luck!

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    We are using the salary cap of £130,000,000 as our budget, minimum bids of £500,000 to pick 18 players, is there any sort of % breakdown for salaries to the top players etc or just see how it plays out? Each team picking 2 players for everyone to bid on thinking of picking two players I don’t want but have some hype to get some money off the board and see how it’s playing out!

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    Vegemite Toast
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    Coach, couldnt agree more w/auction draft. Love the dynamic and the key is to hunt value.

    Good idea picking guys you dont want with hype to get big money out of peoples pockets.

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    Thanks for the shoutout on the pod guys really good listen going over my question ?

    Use had mentioned it depends who I have in my team currently so thought I would share with you…..

    Trae Young
    Jamal Murray
    Mitch Robz
    Buddy Hield
    Kev Knox
    Bob Cov
    John Collins

    Shaping up very nicely would have no chance getting this squad together now!

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    nice work Martin!
    that’s a strong dynasty squad

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    Hell ya Martin! Very solid young squad!

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