Saric to add?

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    10 team, 9 CAT Dynasty League

    Who should I drop (or not drop) to add Saric? Is he worth picking up anyhow?

    Down to:
    Marcus Smart
    DeMarre Carroll
    Brook Lopez

    Thanks guys in advance!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Carroll doesn’t do much besides hit 3’s and he’s due for a cold spell. Smart is basically just a steals specialist. Your call between those guys, if any. None are going to win you a championship…

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    Saric & Holmes available
    Rivers, Forbes, Mahinmi
    My last 3 on roster
    What’s my last move this week
    8 category
    Just got in season premium

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      Any of those guys is an easy drop for Holmes. Rivers especially because his game isn’t great for category leagues and he has an expiration date when Paul returns anyway. Either of the other two guys you could drop for Saric; just keep the one whose stat set you need the most right now.

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