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    Matt Matawaran
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    in the semi final round – 9cat h2h – thinking about letting games lock for tonight then drop robin lopez (1 game left this week after tonight) and picking up gary harris (3 games left after tonight) – thinking those extra games could be crucial – thoughts? thanks all

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    i’m in a similar boat… Tho this is week one of my playoffs. We go all the way lol.

    I’m considering dropping Lopez but for Frank Kaminsky based off games played/position I need. Plus I picked up G. Harris yesterday for 3 reasons: 1) I had him all year and dropped him to make it to this week. Feel like I want to give him a shot to earn for the team. 2: for his games played (and upside)… tho I am a little worried he’ll sit one (hopefully not 2) of those games. And 3: because I didn’t want my opponent to throw him in my face (as often happens this time of year).

    I don’t want to drop Lopez but it’s do or die every week now so i’m thinking that’s the way to go. Just want a second opinion before I pull the trigger.

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    In a win or go home scenario you almost always have to take the 3 game guy over the 1 game guy. It does no good to hold onto a guy for next week if you are eliminated this week.
    Good luck!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yep, almost no scenario where 1 game beats 3 games unless we’re talking about guys inside the top-30, and here, we’re not.

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