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    Hey! I am in a scoring based 11 category league with no turnovers (FGM, FTM, Oreb) and was looking at sending something but wasn’t all the way sure of it.

    Since the categories are different here’s how the deal lays out (Player Name, Avg Rank(AR)/Total Rank (TR)

    Spencer Dinwiddie AR 76/ TR 61
    Marcus Morris AR 51/ TR 27

    For His:

    Clint Capella AR 32/ TR 31

    A bit of a sell-high on my part but at a perfect time for the recipient of the two. That owner also has other sources of rebounds being top in the league currently (Andre Drummond).

    My other players are:

    Tobby Harris
    Kyle Lowry
    Jeremy Lamb
    JJ Redick
    Dennis Schroder
    DeAndre Hunter
    IL Steph Curry

    So if they are interested, I may be able to take the current scoring hit in order to gain rebounds. Would love to hear what we think! Thanks!!!

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    Dan Besbris
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    It’s definitely the right time to sell on dinwiddie but I should also mention the potential to punt in an 11-car league. It’s very easy to pull off with so many categories you can win. Might be worth going hard for the volume stuff. In a vacuum the Capela side is better but always assess strategy in h2h as you plan for the future

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    These strange league formats with specific roster questions are kind of tiring to answer. Also, points leagues should be eliminated.

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