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      ‪in 11 Cat league extra cats are FTM &FGM…12 teams..Who would u pick up off waivers since I have Klay on IR, if I need some 3s, steals n blks what would you do, here are the names : Danny Green, Bertans Kleber or just go for upside in Bacon, Osman‬

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      Lyle Swithenbank
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      I am really high on Bacon. Hopefully he hits this season at full pelt!
      I think Bertans and Kleber are also good for a couple of 3s a game if you’re looking for 3 point production out of the 4/5 spots.

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      Danny. He should do very well in LA

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      Dan Besbris
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      With those extra 2 categories, I really think you should focus on VOLUME scoring. Go with Bacon or Osman, Bertans as a backup option.

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