Send AD away?

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    Is AD a sell high candidate right now? I kinda wanna get from up under AD, I know he’s still a baller but there’s a bit of uncertainty surrounding him and also if he’s sitting back to backs then his already raggedy playoff schedule will get worse. Should I try to get value from him now, wait it out or don’t trade him at all? 8 cat/H2H points

    Im thinking about throwing out options to a few teams:

    KAT & JJJr

    Jokic & Brogdon

    Durant & Kuzma

    I don’t necessarily need a Center in return, I have good depth at big man.
    I’ve had a season filled with injury and I’m probably going to finish 4th so setting myself up for the playoffs is my current focus.

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    Yes, sell high! Too much risk with AD.
    I like the Durant & Kuzma option if you can pull that off.
    Good luck!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Any of those 3 is fair value for him, given his situation. He’s playing now, and you’d get a 1st rounder back in all 3. That’s the key.

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