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    I’m in a 12 team 9-cat dynasty league and currently in 3rd place. I’ve been looking into my team needs and which categories I need to improve upon prior to the playoffs beginning (playoffs start in 6 weeks due to our league commish making each round 2 weeks). I’m trying to get advice on what to look for at each position to make my team a better all around squad. For example I’ve heard for centers you want to look for guys who will also get you steals + assists? Or guys who get you an average of 2-3 steals + blocks each game…. Any advice on certain positions or a combination of stats you try to look for? Any advice/help would be appreciated!

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    Eh it’s not something I put a whole lot of weight on. As long as your team is balanced overall it really doesn’t matter which positions you’re getting which stats from. The highest priority should always be getting value in whatever shape or form you can get it in; then from that position of strength you can make trades to balance out your stats if need be. If you get too fixed an idea of “I’m supposed to be getting these stats from these positions” you can end up blinding yourself to good values who may not fit your mold.

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    I appreciate it. I’ve looked at my season averages compared to the rest of the league and I need to make some moves to improve in some areas. Gotta get prepared for the playoff push to defend my title! Thanks again David.j

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yeah, don’t worry too much about off-position stats. If they come, they come.

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