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      pts 3s RBD AST STL BLK FG FT TO
      -117.9 +3.2 -128.9 +64.8 +7.8 -7.2 -.022 +.059 +2.0

      Above, you will see my projected categories vs my opponent (sorry for the bad copy and paste). I am projected to win based on BBM projection for the week in my H2H matchup. But now my question is when streaming, should I be streaming to guarantee categories and leave the other ones up to chance? Or do I stream to try to win an uphill battle. I.e. stream 3s early this week. or stream blocks. I think I should stream 3s for now, and reassess later in the week. 8 blocks also seems kind of hard to stream with the current wire.

      Thoughts? Thanks!

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      I usually stream to make sure I win specific cats as part of a strategy that incorporates punting a category. It helps to make sure you have cats secured rather than spread yourself out so much that you aren’t strong anywhere.
      Good luck!

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      Dan Besbris
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      I say stream to guarantee the categories.

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