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    OG Smits
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    9-CAT Roto

    Was planning to package Jeff Teague in a trade, but was offered Dejounte Murray for him straight up.

    I’d still hope to trade away Dejounte, so I’m leaning towards accepting since he has the higher ownership % on Yahoo (perceived value)

    But if I can’t make a deal, I can’t help but think Teague might have the better path to actual season long value (no Derrick White lurking) but also don’t know what to make of his mystery “illness” and “never be 100%” comments.


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    I think that Dejounte long term is better. He doesn’t help you in 3 though but can get you 10-15 points 6 reb 6 assist and 1-2 stl. No b2b and limited to 25 min can frustrate you at the moment.

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    I own Dejounte in my league and to see the limited minutes and not close out games is frustrating. Should have played Nunn in my weekly league instead smh

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    Dan Besbris
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    Keep Murray. His mins should trend up and Teague is pretty banged up.

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