teague trade

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    Who does this hurt and help in atlanta/timberwolves?

    The hoopball blurb mentions that bembry will likely see his minutes cut a bit.

    What about the wolves? Two bodies move out and only crabbe coming back. Who gains the most in Minnesota, after Culver and Napier (both taken in my league already)? Okogie is next? Can he be the 6th man on this team?

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    Alec Dominic
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    Teagues value is shot, Trae is playing MASSIVE minutes, so barring injury his role will be very limited. Don’t see anyone improving on the hawks, they’re are all really bad barring Trae and Collins lol. Okogie would likely be the main beneficiary on the wolves side, and the role of Crabbe might be at least something to watch.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Not seeing any moves worth making if Culver and Shabazz are already on teams

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