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    Vegemite Toast
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    Thought it would be nice for the hard working lads at Hoop Ball if people centralised their thanks.

    Have at it!

    For me, i took down my main roto league by 1 pt. Whilst giving up on 2 Cats because of poor ROI!

    Mid to late draft picks were good value gets. Dans old man squad were critical to the win, and key pickups like Siakam, Mitch Rob and Okogie solidified key stats.

    Took it down with 62 pts (FG 5, FT 9, 3PT 9, PTS 1, Rb 9, Ast 1, Stl 8, Blk 10, TO 10).

    Couldnt have done it without all the sageful advice from Dan and the team behind HoopBall. Thanks guys!

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    I’d also like to chip in with a huge thank you to hoop-ball as well! Won the championship in my main league and I’m super stoked! 🙂

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    That’s great news Vegemite and slocj! Well played fellas! Let’s go get some more championships next season!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Good idea, Vegemite. I’ll open up a sticky thread and promo it a bit.

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