Thanks Fellas

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    2 12-team H2H leagues. 3 keeper league I was in complete rebuild mode, drafted all young guys cause my keepers were hot garbage. I have Ayton, JJJ, and Cousins for next year but I got ousted in the first round of the playoffs. My 2 keeper league, my keeper were AD and Harden haha. I won the league despite holding onto AD when I was tempted to sell to ensure a title. I definitely wouldn’t have won without you guys. I’ll be a year long premium subscriber next year as opposed to the last few months like I did this year.

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    That’s awesome blake! Great job! We can’t wait to be there for you next season when you bring some championships home!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Happy to have you aboard all year! Draft Guide, B150 and Season Pass will all come out as the summer gets into swing… let’s do it!

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