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    Dan Besbris
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    Aaron Bruski and Dan Besbris host the season’s first Weekly Lineup Show (Week 1) Tuesday at 2pm PT!

    Post your questions in this thread in advance of the show, and make sure the guys get your question in time. Then, come back and watch the show later without fear that your question might get passed over!

    Today’s show can be found at this link: [coming soon]

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    Hey guys,
    8 Cat H2H need a center. Adams or MitchRob? Leaning towards Adams because of the known floor and Fizdale’s rotation inconsistencies scare me. Thanks.

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    How do you feel about the Dwight Powell situation? Is Maxi Kleber just a streamer add in 12-team leagues depending on team build, maybe over someone at the end of the bench like Danny Green, Davis Bertans, Etc?

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    have question about ROS outlook for Levert, Teague
    for 9 car roto
    some people are expecting a breakout season for levert, and I think opportunity is certainly there. what kind of numbers can we expect from Levert?

    also, teague said he doesn’t feel 100% even after surgery. do you think he will still average 8+ ast like last season? I picked him mainly for ast, and feel that he can play ~75 games with less MPG but with more offense facilitated by KAT, should I worry about teagues AST number a lot or will this be just a small impact.

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      Abishek Bhasin
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      I have the same question regarding Teague

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    Two quick questions for you guys”

    1) Going against conventional fantasy basketball expertise/wisdom, which “Breakout Player(s)” do you feel will most likely BUST based on their ADP?
    2) Which 2 players do you predict will most likely be traded by the deadline? And to Where?

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    Seems we have a lot of rookies hype this year . Besides Zion/Morant, which rookies have the most chance to produce top 100 value?

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    ummm….I had Zion as a big part of a few of my lineups (rookie mistake, I know) what to do next? at least 20 odd games?? I’m slightly freaking out!!

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