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    Before I get into it, let me apologize for posting so many of my trade offers on here, my league is very competitive active with trading and I appreciate everyone’s advice.

    I have a chance to trade my Lowry for RoCo and Dejounte. This is a 12 team 9 cat H2H league. I have a punt points and assists build right now, and it has me currently sitting in 1st place by nearly 7 games. It’s the most hilarious team that looks trash on paper but just gobbles up the other categories, so I’ve been trying to double down on the build.

    I would end up having to drop Langston and Danny Green to make room, but I won’t miss them.

    Thoughts on this?

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    Santino Caccone
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    Why would you need to drop two people if it’s only a 1-2? Also, if you’re giving up points and assists already then yeah this is a solid deal.

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    Thanks Santino. I would have to drop two because I’m receiving two for one, and Lowry is in my IL spot.

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