Thoughts on two questionable trades in my league?

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    A bit of background, I might be biased because one trade of mine got veteod.

    12 team, H2H, points league

    Trade 1 of mine that got veteod:

    Give: Huerter, Maker, Mitch Rob, Brogdon
    Get: Lillard, OG

    This happened 8 days ago when Lillards injury was first reported. I wasn’t too bitter about it being veteod until this trade went through

    Trade 2:

    Player 1 gives: Lillard, Maront
    Player 2 gets: Drummond, Kuzma, Lou Will

    Am I wrong in thinking my offer was better? This trade seems a lot more veto worthy.

    Trade 3 that went through:

    Player A gives: LBJ, Conley, Butler
    Player B gives: Beasley, Vucevic, Lavine

    It’s not as terrible as the Lillard trade, but I do think Player B gave up more than he had to. And both teams that executed this trade are out of the playoff race and in my opinion helping out leaguemates who are behind me.

    I’m #1 in the league and have had a hard time getting anything done.


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    This is a league to league and preference thing. In my opinion, you should prove collusion to prevent trades like this. Either that, or have preset guidelines stating teams lower than a position can’t make trades even though the deadline hasn’t passed. Short of that, you can make some noise about it to your league, but outside of collusion, there’s not much merit for overturning the trades.

    Your personal trade that was vetoed, that also sets some precedence, and if you can find a way to argue that since your trade wasn’t allowed, using the same reasoning might get these two overturned as well. Just another way of attacking this from your POV.

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