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    I’m in a 14 team h2h points league. Scorings a little different. Blocks/Steals +1.5, FGA/FTA/TO -1, FGM/FTM/PTS/REB/AST +1, DD +2, TD +3.

    Team: Brogdan, Hield, Harkless, Vuc, Tyus Jones (just added), Issac, Kanter, Teague, MitchRob, Embiid, McCollum, Batum, Crabbe, Nance (on IR, just swapped him there and dropped BobCov).

    I’m the second seed, but losing by 100 points. It’s been a rough week for the squad. After adding Tyus Jones, I have used 4/7 moves. I plan to drop Jones/add Diallo the Fri/Sat when lineups lock (so that’s 5/7).

    When I tried to work out all the games played, it seems I should look for a thursday/friday guy, then look to BKN or ATL for a Saturady/Sunday guy (Heurter, Baze, LaVert just dropped).

    So I need a Thursday/Friday guy. Look like my options are KCP or Harry Giles. To give an idea of our scoring: KCP last 6 (29, -3, -1, 3.5, 2, 9.5), Giles last 6 (15.5, 2.5, 6.5, 19, 15.5, 20.5). This makes it look like Giles is the clear choice, but with Bagley back and all the Lakers hurt, I’m not sure which way to go. I will say, Giles hasn’t had any negatives so there’s that.

    Thanks all! (sorry for the novel)

    PS: Its my home league but competitive, does this play more like an 8 or 9 cat? I tend to follow nine cat advice because points league advice tends towards leagues that are less punitive about percentages. Just wondering mostly.

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    Great stuff wbouman! You are a perfect example of a guy that get’s how to prepare your team!
    First of all, I completely agree with the Jones for Diallo.
    Second, with Bagley returning today it eliminates Giles. I would choose KCP over Giles.
    The third point, Heuter is a great streamer! I think he is a 30 minute a game guy with a pretty high ceiling.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the response, it’s super helpful!

    What you said is exactly why i didn’t immediately add Giles. However, big men often are less volatile with our scoring and KCP has the very real possibility of putting up negatives (although also has the ability to go for way more).

    Have Giles recent minutes come from Bagley’s absence? Like was he playing straight fill-in minutes, does he spell WCS when all are healthy? Is there the possibility Giles still plays 15? Because that may honestly be enough. Sorry, not well-versed in Kings.

    Other Lakers who could be options include Bullock (last 5: 8, 2, -1, 6.5, 3), Williams (last 4: -2, 25.5, 7, 0), and Hart (4, 5.5, 9, 17.5, 11).

    I guess Hart’s available tonight, which makes KCP less appealing. Could Hart realistically play the back-to-back?

    Thanks again

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’m with Coach, I think. Some deep dive stuff going on here!

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    I don’t trust any Lakers secondary guys right now. They are a mess. Keep tweaking. You have a good basketball mind!
    Dan, this may be a guy we should recruit for HoopBall 🙂

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