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    9 cat roto

    AD for m gasol, hield, Dunn

    Which side?

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    Nico Rocha
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    Given this information, I would choose the AD anytime.

    Contrary to reports, I don’t see the Pelicans shutting down Davis over the course of the season since they’ll be gunning for the playoffs. Their record might not show it right now, but they want to show him one last time that they’re serious in keeping his services and are serious in contending.

    For M Gasol though, I’m having my doubts if the grizzlies would make the playoffs this year. Which means, a shutdown might be imminent especially when their record turns sour. In short, not good for fantasy owners. The person you’re trading with might think of this detail and reject the trade altogether.

    Not sure how many of you guys are in your league but I think you can find suitable replacements for Hield and Dunn.

    IF you’re the one getting AD, congratulations!

    If you’ll be the one trading him, think very carefully.

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    Dan Besbris
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    AD side. If you trade AD for anything other than a 1st and a 2nd rounder it’s a loss. He’s too good to move.

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