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    Hi guys,

    I’ve been unfortunately having a rough season. In last place and could use picks for next year, but not ready to give up because I think my team is getting back to full strength.

    Draymond Green
    Round 5 pick next year

    For my:
    Kelly oubre jr
    DeAndre Ayton
    Round 9 pick next year

    My team:
    Jordan McRae
    Devon Booker
    Oubre Jr
    Bam Adebayo
    DeAndre Ayton
    John Collins
    Jarrett Culver
    Caris Levert
    Brandon Clarke
    Richaun Holmes
    Taurean Prince

    Thanks in advance,

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    Dan Besbris
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    Well KAT playing for the first time in over a month is going to help quite a bit. I think I’d play it out a little bit longer. If Richaun comes back in a week you’re rolling.

    Can you stream the Taurean Prince spot?

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    Thanks Dan. I forgot to mention that it’s a weekly lineup league so harder to stream, I basically don’t have Prince in my lineup.

    Would I be giving up too much this year with this trade? I do feel Shai at the guard spot would help me (not sure how long this torrid pace will last)…but giving up Oubre and Ayton would be too much?

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    I feel like your line-up is actually quite strong. And as it is a weekly league, A 3 for 2 will be against your favor as depth may not be that needed.

    My suggestion is to rather try to convert your team to a punt-Assts line up given your big heavy build. If you can convert your guards to some efficient steals specialists with strong rebounding (like Dejounte/Shai/Dunn/Melton/Thybulle) then you can easily win FG%, Blks, Stls, TOs, Rbds.

    Then complement your team with 3s/Pts with Low TOs (Duncan Robinson, Bojan, Gallo, Bertans, Hield) then I think you will be competitive.

    Players I will try to drop/trade:
    McRae (drop)
    Schroeder (trade)
    Levert (drop)
    Prince (drop)
    Clarke for Dejounte
    Can try to trade Bam for Drummond
    Willing to trade Horford for Shai or MitchRob

    You can try to have like 6 PF/C per week with Oubre, Booker, 2 steals specialists and I think you might win more than usual

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    Solid points and advice, appreciate the response.

    Will see what I can moves I can pull off to get out of this rut.


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