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    16 teams, H2h, 9cats

    which side do you like more ROS? TIA

    Kyrie, Adebayo vs Trae Young, Oubre

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    Kyrie and Bam theyre better players and their teams should be fighting for playoffs or seeding.

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    Alec Dominic
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    I like the Trae/Oubre side. Kyrie is a walking injury, and has a very high probability of being shutdown if the Nets start losing games. Trae has been ridiculous with his 3pm/Pts/Asts production, and Oubre has been solid around the board and picks up a lot of D stats.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Gimme the Kyrie side. I see no reason for a shutdown … Nets are walking into that 8th playoff spot in the awful East… I am afraid of the cortisone wearing off, though. But Kyrie is a top10 guy and no one on that other side is close

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