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    In a 9 cat roto 11 team and was offered Trae Young for Derozan and Hayward. Would this be a trade I should make? I would take a massive hit in FG and TO, which are my strongest categories. Trae is elite in 3s points and assists which is what I need. What do you think?

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    I’d go for the glory with Trae Young

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    In trade offers like this, you need to check your WW/FA to see who you’d pick up in your empty spot. In a vacuum, I’d do it. Category-wise, it makes sense for your team too. Try to cover deficiencies from the trade with a pick up.

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    I can elaborate on my team and where I stand on certain cats. 11 team 9 cat roto

    Kyrie (SMH)

    I’m 3rd in FG% (virtual tie with 2nd .001 diff). 4th place is .014 points below. TOs – 2nd, 3rd place is 50 TOs more. I’m 10th in 3s and 10th in points. about 100 3s that separate from 4th place and I. Points is a bit of a challenge. I’m 300 points from 7th place).
    I’m a little hesitant because both Derozan and Hayward have been somewhat of a FG anchor for my team, with the move. The assists could be a wash because of both hay/Demar, but the FA pickup would allow me to gain in assists. Rebs is a certain to be a drop, but maybe the FA can help there too. Does the news about Walker having some knee issues put a few crinkles into this equation?

    I know this may be hard to visualize, sorry if it is. In terms of waiver wire, I’m most likely picking up KPJ for Kyrie, and the potential spot that opens up with the trade I may aim for Lauri Markkanen. They may not boost my FG%, but those are from what I can see are the best out there.

    I know this is a rather loaded question, and I tried to provide as much detail as possible. Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

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    Going from Hayward/DD to Trae/KPJ is going to hit your FG and TOs. The issue is about whether those hits are greater than the boost you’ll get in 3’s, points, assists. Say you go from 3rd in FG to 6th, and 4th in TO to 7th, that’s -6, but you move up from 10th in points and 3s to like 6th and 7th, that’s +7, and 7-6 = +1. This doesn’t factor in your other categories, but it’s just an example to how things could move based on your current standings. Just based on the info you provided, you *should* have more potential in making up + points based on your very low standing in 3s and PTs, assuming that the trade makes you more balanced and trend towards the mean. And again, you should use your newly found free roster spots to curb the drops in FG, TO accordingly.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I think I’m doing it. Guys are going to pop up in the wire in the silly season here in the next 2-3 weeks. Get the best player in the deal and go nuts.

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