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    Hello, All. I am in 9 cats 14 team roto league.

    My current goal is to add good center to my team. I want points and rebounds to be backbone of my team. I punt assist and steal.
    My team is

    Kyrie Irving
    Luka Doncic
    Lou Williams
    Jeremy Lamb

    Pascal Siakam
    Thaddeus Young
    Kelly Oubre Jr
    Kyle Anderson

    Tristan Thompson
    Dewayne Dedmon
    Dwight Powell

    I am currently thinking about these trades options.

    Using Kyrie
    1) Trade my Kyrie for Andre Drummond
    2) Trade my Kyrie and T.Young for Jeol Embiid
    3) Trade my Kyrie and T.Young for Victor Oladipo and Derrick Favors

    Using Luka
    4) Trade my Luka and Oubre Jr. for Deandre Ayton
    5) Trade my Luka for Lamarcus Aldridge
    6) Trade my Luka for Clint Capela

    What do you think is the best trade idea for my team? Or is it too early to make trades?
    I am doing ok with rebounds and blocks, and I want it to be great. Points is (very) not good, so I really want to improve it.
    Please, any advice is welcome!

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    Dan Besbris
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    Well Thad is a rebounds and steals guy. Perhaps you could drop him for someone who scores more? Kelly Oubre doesn’t rebound much? Kyle Anderson literally never scores and gets a ton of steals, so he seems like a terrible fit for your club.

    Lots of small changes, but not sure about trading Kyrie and Luka since they’re both excellent at scoring, which you’re hoping to continue.

    Trades 2 and 3 aren’t terrible, though.

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    Thank you! Dan.

    I was holding on to some players because I trusted too much on their upside. Thad(rbs, stls), Kelly(points), Slwo-mo(little bit of everything)

    It seems like I need lots of changing to do next few days. (which would be fun!)

    Thank you always for great insights. I do want to add I really enjoy your podcast everyday. It is like a textbook for my fantasy basketball.

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