Trade for Dipo...Kawhi or Lowry?

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    12 team
    Trade Kawhi for Dipo and Mirotic/Ayton
    Trade Lowry for Dipo Straight up

    Do either of these offers seem reasonable? I would be getting the Dipo ends

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    I would not do the Kawhi one, though I like the + Mirotic better than the + Ayton version if it came down to that.

    Don’t think I’d do Lowry either. Unless you’re super, super confident that Dipo returns soon and plays like he did last year.

    The line on PGs I’d trade straight up for Dipo right now is somewhere between Lowry/Jrue and Conley/Bledsoe.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I think I might do the second one…

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    Lowry scoring has dipped and when Dipo was playing I loved watching him play. What was the issue with his knee?

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    Nathan Nguyen
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    I’d think about pulling the trigger on the second one, but definitely don’t expect the insane steals/blocks of last season from Dipo. It seems like an anomaly and he’s normalizing a bit.

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