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    Hi Guys,

    I am in a 18team points league with no IL spot.

    I am interested in offering a trade for acquiring Mitchell Robinson and offering Miles Bridges and Eric Paschall. How do you find it?Is it fair?

    Alternatively,since I currently keep many injured players (Levert,Fox,Collins,Bryant) in the roster is it worth grabbing Wood from the wire ,replacing either Bridges or Paschall, and wait until he explodes ?

    Thanks for coming back!

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    You might be able to get the trade through. i wouldnt grab Wood coach doesnt trust him

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    So you agree with the first part of the trade for Robinson and you disagree with grabbing Wood if I understand correctly.

    I just thought that had nothing to do with the trust of the coach but just the two “giants” in front of him…My feeling though is that sooner or later one of the two will depart and Wood will explode.

    Many Thanks

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    Dan Besbris
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    No need to grab Wood this early. He’s not going to have value without a key injury or trade. I like the first part though

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