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      2 different scenarios that I would like your guys’ opinions on. Both 9 cat 12 tm h2h format.

      1) Give: Brandon Clarke + Gordon Hayward
      Receive: Fred Vanvleet
      Leaning towards a no on this one but wondering what your guys’ take is?

      2) Give: Steven Adams + Terrence Ross OR Robert Covington
      Receive: Bradley Beal
      What’s your guys’ outlook on Beal ROS? Think he plays it out like usual or will he be shut down?

      Thank you!

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      Definitely do the beal trade. Even if he is managed he’s still worth way more than those guys.

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      1 is obviously a no because of FVV’s injury. The Beal one is a no brainer though if you’re giving up Adams/Ross.

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