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    What`s up people?

    Should I trade Kawhi and D-Lo for Jokič and Middleton?

    Want to get rid of Russell, don’t know if I should wait for a couple of more big games from him. Kawhi is good but I’m in a hole with John Collins returning in a week and a have I’ll be approximately 10 games behind the 8th spot with 11 weeks left in the regular season. I want to strengthen my %`s as well as I’m going full on punt on stl.

    Rest of roster – Rose, Josh Richardson, Collins, Prince, Mitch Rob, Isiah Thomas IL and one spot for streaming.


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    Dan Besbris
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    Frankly I’m not positive Jokic gets up to that top-15 clip… but this is a way to get out from under DLo, get comparable guys, and probably add a bunch of games played… it’s pretty fair.

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