Vucevic trade

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    Would you trade Ayton and Larry Nance for Vucevic and D Russ?

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yeah I probably would. I like Vuc more than ayton, though, as a note.

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    Do you think you can elaborate a lil more on Ayton vs Vuc?
    Do you, like a lot of us I’m sure, worry about his fit with the “new look” Suns?

    I’ve been trying to pry Dejaunte Murray off the Vuc owner.
    I have Ayton and think I can incentivize him enough with other ancillary pieces to make that work.
    Does feel like a bit of a kick to the nuts to hold Ayton for 25 games and never get to play him, but I defer to you oh wise guru.

    * For full disclosure, I’m in a 10Cat (ORB/DRB), H2H league.


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