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      Gold Town
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      howdy all,

      i’m currently in a 9 cat h2h 12 team league. Currently just punting TOs with this squad but was offered this deal that would make me a pretty strong punt assist build. Is this trade good for me? would you take it? thanks heaps all.

      current team

      Brook Lopez
      Zach Collins

      Deal offered – my Beal, Holiday, Ayton and JJJ for his KAT, Hield, Valanciunas and Wendell Carter Jr?

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      Myles H.
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      That’s quite the blockbuster trade there. You’re losing steals, asts and pts. You would gain fg%, reb, blk and turnovers would decrease. I wouldn’t say it’s unfair but I think Ayton and JJJ have more upside then Valanciunas and Wendell Carter JR. I would look at the other teams in your league and see where they’re competitive you don’t want to make a trade just to be competing in categories that others have already heavily targeted.

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      You could still be competitive in assists potentially. You would keep Lavine, Bledsoe, SGA and Ingles for assists. Also, the word on the street is that KAT will be facilitating more and that should bump up his assist numbers too.

      Having said that I wouldn’t take the deal. Aside from KAT the other three players come with significant downsides.

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      Dan Besbris
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      To me, this one comes down to how big of a gap you think there will be between Beal and KAT. If you think it’s going to be the number 1 guy vs the number 12 guy, you probably make the trade, since you’d then have a bonafide team leader.

      I’m tempted to say you let the season play out a few weeks. If your JJJ and Ayton are going HUGE you could ask for more. If not, well, we rolled the dice by trying for more leverage.

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      Gold Town
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      Thanks to everyone that responded. I really appreciate your forum and love your pod everyday Dan.

      I’m going to hold my players here as it seems the general consensus. Cheers lads.

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