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    I’m drafting for a weekly lineup league. Only ever done daily in the past. Curious what input you all have on strategy difference.

    I’ve always been very risk-averse in daily leagues, not targeting often injured guys or load management guys because the games played loss is a big difference maker. Wondering whether those types of guys actually get undervalued in a weekly league because the injury hit can be absorbed by benching the player while hurt.

    If you have strategy thoughts for weekly leagues, let me know! Draft is tonight.

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    Myles H.
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    I find injury and load management more frustrating in weekly leagues especially if your player gets hurt in his first game of the week then you have a player locked in for the entire week that you can’t swap out. Load management can be more predictable such as when the player has a week with back to back games, but even then you’ll still get the weeks where the team will announce part way through the week that the player will be rested one game. So I’d stick with being risk-averse unless the player falls well below his ADP but I find there are always people willing to risk it and take those players at their ADP.

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    Dan Besbris
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    I don’t think you should change strategy much. Early-week injuries happen and you just have to hope it all evens out for everyone over the course of the year. P.S. I can’t stand weekly. I have WAY too many things I want to do every day to wait until Monday, hahaha

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    Nearly everyone is an injury risk or a candidate for load management. I don’t worry about it as much these days.
    Your bench is basically an expanded IR spot so yes, benching hurt players is an option.

    Also, consider the number of quality games a player has.

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    I hear you guys on the downsides to weekly lineup leagues. I definitely prefer daily because you can outwork your opponents by paying attention every day. I’m going this route in hopes of creating a more sustainable league setting with less time demand for me and other league members. Only one time a week to pick up players and set a weekly lineup. The amount of time I’ve put in to perform well in my daily league has gotten in the way of other things in life. So mostly I’m just saving to save me from myself 🙂

    All the injury comments make sense.

    Seems like the load management stuff is too difficult to predict, whereas injury prone guys may have some extra value if they drop in the draft. That’s kind of what I was thinking. I’ll still be plenty risk-averse, but maybe guys like Embiid are slightly less risky now.

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