What does the HB community think of Kyrie ROS?

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    I’m thinking of trading my Lowry + Val for him, which would also open up a roster spot for gambling/streaming on the wire.

    I just don’t know what to make of this latest injury and it’s implications for his ROS outlook.

    Do you think we’re looking at load management? Is Brooklyn a fringe playoff team in the east?

    Any thoughts welcome.

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    I’ve always avoided Kyrie in any fantasy league that has a playoff format (so I’ve got some bias here). Without focusing too much on this specific injury, Kyrie has sustained a major injury in more than half of his seasons in nba/college. Given that the nets aren’t great and could potentially be out of the playoff picture later in the season, it seems to me as prudent as ever to stay away from Kyrie.

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    I completely agree. It seems like Kyrie is always on the shelf. He can definitely go off but so can a lot of other guys. However, if you’re trading Lowry and Jonas for him that’s kind of trading injury risk for injury risk so it can go either way.
    It seems this year nobody is immune from missing games. I have Dame in a league and he’s missed two games this season. Crazy stuff.

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    Avoid. Esp if you’re giving up real players.

    But I’d do jv and Lowry easily

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