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    I’m assuming he’ll be back after all-star, and probably on a minutes restriction for a while, but, may start to come off it around the time fantasy playoffs start.

    I’d like to grab him, but not sure what I can offer.

    H2H 12 team points league (ESPN)

    Here’s the situation

    The team I’d be trading with is HEAVY in the front court. Gobert, Drummond, Markkanen, Unicorn, Ayton and Kanter…not sure how that happened.

    When Nurk comes back, I’m assuming he’ll drop Kanter, but, I’d like to try and snag him prior to the return.

    I have an unusually strong mid level team (2nd overall in the league by 2 games) so I don’t have a ton of high level chips to play with. Lavine, Jrue, CP3, Oubre, and Harden are my top 5…although I feel like I’d have to get a 2 for 1 to part w/ James.

    Anyone think there’s a possibility to get Nurk, or even another one of his PF,C ?

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    Dan Besbris
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    Hmmm… could try cp3 or jrue for Ayton?

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